What is Cupping?

Massage Cupping as it is used today is derived from traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, the technique was widely spread among ancient civilizations and one of the oldest known forms of therapy. Its use is recorded in the famous Egyptian Ebers Papyrus dated c. 1550 BC. Practitioners applied small glass or bamboo cups and heat to create suction on acupuncture points and meridians. Now the technique is adapted for modern use to complement massage therapy. It is widely used around the world from Europe to Asia and even in the remotest regions of Africa.

Your skilled massage therapist uses cups made of hard plastic fitted with pneumatic pumps, silicone cups or glass cups fitted with rubber bulbs. Each type of cup has its advantages depending on desired results. Your therapist gently slides the cups over the skin. The negative pressure the cups provide can release trigger points, areas of spasm and soft tissue adhesions while mobilizing the stagnant lymph and blood that may be congested in the body. The negative pressure also helps to create space within the tissues of the body allowing for a stretch within the skin, muscles, fascia, joints, tendons and other connective tissues granting freedom of movement that may be unattainable with traditional massage techniques alone. This technique can cast off years of accumulated toxins, stagnant blood and lymph as well as inflammation in the soft tissues and organs in addition to stimulating the peripheral nervous system and inducing a profound feeling of health and relaxation.